Area: 15.853 km²

Population: 1.651.400 (2000)

Mersin that an important harbour city at the East Mediterranean shore, offers every possible activities to travellers with streets overshadowed by palms, city park, modern hotels, ruins near the city, numberless beaches. Moreover, the city remembered in history with the name of Saint Paul (he is from Tarsus) and with areas between Alanya and Mersin that was given from Mark Antuanious as a marriage gift to cleopatra.

Nearly 108 kilometre lengths of Mersin shores composed from naturel beaches. These beaches preferred because of their thin sands and cleanness, and their suitability for underwater hunting. Kulakköy, Taşucu, Susanoğlu, Kuruçay, Lamas, Yemişkumu, Kız Kalesi, Çeşmeli, Ören, Balıkova, İskele, Yenikaş, Ovacık, Büyük Ecelive and Anamur Beaches are some of that beaches. For whom fond of history and archaeology there is Viranşehir (Pomeipolis) which city built on area that area was continuous settlement place since Neolithic Age, and city is an roman city built at Rome Period.

City was Papacy in Christianity Period, than destroyed by an earthquake in 525. Necropolis (graveyard), theatre, public baths, water canals, temple ruins are exist. Eski (old) Mosque is an important building remains from Ottoman Period (1870). It was restored at different times. Rome Public Bath hosts big amount of visitors with it's interesting mosaics.

Districts: İçel (center), Anamur, Aydıncık, Bozyazı, Çamlıyayla, Erdemli, Gülnar, Mut, Silifke, Tarsus.

At the 320 kilometre length coast band of Mersin province that 108 kilometre of them is sanded shores and formed with naturel beaches, is very rich by the means of historical, cultural values. At the Mersin that is settlement place since Neolithic Period, there are lots of archaeological and historical creations remains from calceolithic, Hittite, Rome, Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations.

The places should be seen and visited in Mersin are listed bellow:

Tarsus: St. Paul Church, St. Paul Well, Gözlü Kule (tower), Donuk Taş (stone), Ashabı Kehf Cave, Cleopatra Gate, Rome Road are important historical and cultural values of county.

Mersin: Yumuk Hill and Soli Ruins are places to be seen.

Anamur: Anamurium Ruins and Mamure Castle are important historical places.

Aydıncık: 4 columned Monument Tomb would be seen.

Bozyazı: Arsione, Nagidos and Softa castle are places to be seen.

Erdemli: Kanlıdivane Ruins, Ayaş, Korikos, Adamkaya Embossments are important historical and cultural values of county.

Gülnar: Meydancık Castle, Alahan Monastery at Mut,

Silifke: Cennet-Cehennem Caves, Silifke Castle, Tekir Ambarı, Jupiter Temple, Ayatekla, Holmi Ruin, Silifke Aphrodisia, Uzuncaburç Tower, Olba are most important ones.

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